Right-Angle Girl: Patient


I’ve been admitted to Starship Hospital, and everything is all go for tomorrow morning! Exciting? Somewhat. Slightly terrifying? A bit. But, surprisingly, I am not particularly nervous. I’m not sure when this will change, but I suppose it’s good to enjoy the calm while I can!

My Friday appointment went very well, and it was all quite straightforward. The only exciting thing that happened was that I had a traction xray. The name really describes it all. Basically, I lay down on the xray table, Mum (who was allowed to participate, provided she wore a lead apron thingy) held my hips down so I wouldn’t slide off the table, and one of the nurses (who also wore a lead apron, plus lead oven-mitt style gloves) held firmly under my chin… and pulled. When I was as stretched out as the nurse could get me, they took an xray. Although it wasn’t painful, I wouldn’t  describe it as an experience that I’m anxious to repeat again. Ever. 🙂

Just prior to having my head nearly pulled off...

So today (Monday), I’ve been admitted to Ward 24a. I’ve got a single room which is extremely nice, especially as it means that Mum gets a fold-down bed to sleep on tonight, as opposed to a mattress on the floor. I may not get to come back to this room after my night in ICU tomorrow, so I’ll enjoy the privacy while I’ve got it!

There's a Smurf on the door of my room. A grumpy Smurf.

So far, I’ve had a lovely nurse come and ask me lots of questions and fill out charts; I’ve been given my hospital wristband; I’ve had a tour of the ward; I’ve met one of the anaesthetists and signed the anaesthetic consent form; I’ve met one of the physiotherapists, who has basically told me that she’s going to make me do painful things after surgery (such as sitting up, standing and walking); I’ve been given two special shower scrubs to use tonight and tomorrow morning, plus a beautiful *cough* green hospital gown to put on tomorrow; and I’ve had blood taken. Dad nearly fainted when he saw the nurse bring over the needle, so he went and sat down in the waiting area with Abby. I, however, was very brave. And I got a Dorothy the Dinosaur bandaid. Right now I’m waiting for one of the registrars to come around and get Mum and I to both sign the surgical consent form.

I’ll be taken down to theatre at 7:30-ish tomorrow, which is a little earlier than I thought originally, but it will be good to get on with things quickly rather than waiting around and getting more and more nervous. This means that Dad, Becky and Abby will have to get up rather early to come and say good bye. They are settling in at Ronald McDonald House at the moment. The House on the hospital grounds is actually full at the moment, so they’ve been sent down to the part that is somewhere on Grafton Road. They are still allowed to come and park for free up at the hospital, though, so it should still be very convenient.

Okay… the registrar just came down and explained what would happen during surgery, and also outlined the risks. Mum and I have signed the consent form, and so it’s all officially happening.

The rest of my family are off having dinner – I’ve already had my first hospital dinner, so I’m staying put in my room.

The person who really needs the most prayer at the moment is Becky. She’s very anxious and teary, and its hard to explain everything so she’ll be reassured. She’s also driving us all a bit crazy with all her worrying about  what is going to happen each day…

I think I’ll finish now, and maybe read one of my new Christmas present books. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep – we’ve all got an early start tomorrow!

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. I’m definitely not looking forward to the next few days, but I know that God is in control of all things, and He will help all of us through whatever may happen.


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  1. Praying for you Ruth! and for your family – especially for Becky!! 🙂 Hopefully can visit her too when i see you!! 🙂 Hope all goes well tomorrow, and that you don’t get too nervous! Hopefully see you on Friday or Saturday – will let you know …
    Love ya! -Margaret

  2. Dear Ruth. So lovely read your update. You are such a brave girl! So pleased that everything is going well. You are all in our thought and praying for you all. Grace sends a special hello to Becky! Hope that you have a goodnight rest. Love from us all! The Vlaanderens.

  3. So you’ve got internet access then – yay 🙂 Is it on the ward or did you have to go to a computer room of some sort? Praying for you, your family, the medical team, and especially Becky.

  4. Glad to hear you are settling in and to hear the bits and pieces of happenings. Nice that Mum can stay with you. Will especially remember Becky in our prayers that she will be settled for Mum and Dad. Good to hear that you are upbeat and still fairly relaxed. God Bless Ruth.

  5. Good morning Ruth,
    We are praying for you especially this morning, and for your Mum and Dad, Becky and Abby. We are praying that the “peace of God, which surpasses understanding, would guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus” before, during and after the operation. We are also praying that He would give extra special wisdom and skill to the medical team who will be caring for you. You are a very special family and we are praying that you will all be kept and even blessed through this. Love, Mrs Kirsty

  6. Good morning Ruth,
    We have just prayed for you (7.25am!) Only just realized the time!!! I have the good old song in my head “Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you…I am not afraid -NO NO NO – I am not dismayed, for I’m walking in faith and victory, for the Lord our God is with you.” – I’m sure you’re mum will know it! 🙂 this is also to encourage dear Becky! 🙂
    Ditto Kirsty’s verse above and will continue to hold you all up in prayer. Peace be with you all. Much love, Sheena, Caelan, Reuben & Eoghan xxxx

  7. Y’know, due to a miscommunication, I was under the impression your surgery was yesterday. So I spent a morning solemnly informing the pig that your back was being cut open *right now*, before Natty gave me a funny look and told me it wasn’t. She came by to give you a present – we shall bring it up on Thursday.

    I hope you get the single room back, if only to see if the Smurf starts talking when you’re under the influence of opiates.

    What was the dinner like? Did they promise you jelly and ice cream if you’re good? You must let me know if you hanker after anything particular, foodwise, and I can bring it up on Thursday. A tiny junket, perhaps, or an aspic, for your health. Poached fish. Something to tempt your jaded palate. With a flar on. Presentation is vital to a convalescent.

  8. Hi Ruth,
    We prayed for you this morning and will continue throughout the day. We know God is with you and your family. Be strong and of good courage. Ps. 18:29-30 “For by You I can run against a troop, By my God I can leap over a wall. As for God, His way is perfect; The word of the LORD is proven; He is a shield to all who trust in Him.”

    Love, Laurie Smith and family

  9. Ruth’s sister here – just a quick update, surgery went well and the right angle is now an ex-parrot. Detailed updates will be tomorrow as Right-Angle Girl is as high as a kite and Mother doesn’t have the laptop tonight. I can tell you that she “love love loves” morphine.

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