It’s all happening


This is a quick note from Jill (Ruth’s Mum, for those who don’t know us personally) to let all Ruth’s readers know the latest.

Ruth had a reasonable night’s sleep; she wasn’t worried, just woken by the lights and noises on the ward. Prior to going off to theatre this morning, we had some very welcome news.  The surgeon has decided, after looking carefully at the traction Xrays from last Friday, that he is not going to do an anterior release as he had originally planned.  He feels that he will be able to get a good result without this, and so he is only (“only” being a relative term, and a bit of an understatement) doing a posterior fusion.  This means that the surgery will be some hours shorter than originally expected (still 5 – 6 hours), and will not involve any of the scary things associated with entering her chest cavity.  We are so grateful to God for this, as is Ruth.  I didn’t get a photo of her face when he said this, but it was very happy.

David, Becky and Abby are in luxury accommodation at Ronald MacDonald House, Grafton Mews, just off the hospital precinct, but about 15 minutes’ walk away.  We are all so blessed, to be living in a time and place where all this is possible.  God is so good to us.

We will try to update this later today, when we have some more news.  Thank you to all who are praying for Ruth, for us and for the surgeons and anaesthetists.  It means so much.


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  1. Hey Ruth. This is Elizabeth. I used to do Bible Study with your Mum many moons ago. We also shared a house for a while until your Dad proposed and offered her a more permanent housemate! Thank you for sharing your journey. Your faith and positive attitude are an inspiration. The Lord never promised us that there’d be no suffering but He has promised to be there with us as we go through trials. May you be aware of His presence surrounding you and His everlasting arms upholding you. Praying for you in these next days of healing and physiotherapy. With much love. Elizabeth xoxo (Deut 33:27)

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