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Small Steps Forward


Day 2 – this is the one which has a reputation for being the worst: the really heavy-duty drugs from the surgery and immediate post-operative period are starting to wear off, and the physiotherapists are keen to see good progress in the sitting, standing and walking departments; the patient is encouraged to drink and gradually build up to eating soft foods, and the patient’s insides do not wish to cooperate 🙂

Ruth has been aware of this for months, having done lots of very thorough research.  She is now in a position to report that the rumours are true, but that in her case, she has not found them to be quite as bad as she expected.

Ruth trying very hard to achieve her goal of sitting in a chair for 30 minutes

Today she has sat out of bed twice and walked around the bed once.  When she stands up, she seems very straight and tall.  She says she feels as if her back is heavy and off-balance, but in reality her posture is perfect; it will no doubt take some time to adjust to the new situation 🙂

The upside of having lots of blood tests Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wiggles bandaids.-

The decision was made today to give Ruth a blood transfusion, which is still in progress.  She is already looking much better and feeling much less tired and nauseated.

Gradually various tubes and pieces of equipment are being removed, which is making it easier for Ruth to move around in bed.

Her surgeon has just been in to visit and is very pleased with her progress.  He has told Ruth that it was a difficult curve to correct, but he is glad he was able to do it without the anterior release he was originally planning.  So are we; seeing the huge effects the surgery has had on her whole body, we are thankful that she hasn’t had to also contend with chest and lung issues.

Today was a real family day here:  Ruth’s sister Sarah and her husband and two children came up for the day from Hamilton, and her sister Elisabeth and her husband visited, too.  The two brothers-in-law took themselves into the city to the movies, the sisters all spent time together, and the little ones enjoyed the atmosphere at the hospital.  Starship is a great place for children – playgrounds, toys, lots to look at and things to do.  Perhaps the most exciting thing for the 3-year-old was a trip to the Auckland Zoo with Grandpa and Aunty Becky.  Ronald McDonald House organises a free weekly bus trip to the Zoo for families.  Despite the fact that it was raining, they all had a great time.

It’s a pity they weren’t here yesterday when Ruth had a visit from the Clown Doctors, who managed to make us laugh in spite of ourselves.

The Clown Doctors visiting Ruth

Thanks again for all your messages.  I have been reading them out to Ruth, as she hasn’t been able to focus well on reading anything, but she is hoping to be able to get back onto the laptop tomorrow, so the next post will probably be one from the girl herself.