More Inches, Less Degrees


Well, it’s been a few weeks since I last posted. There have been many times that I have had very good intentions about posting, but circumstances have always interfered just as I’ve been about to sit down and start writing… However this time I’ve managed to actually get as far as starting to type, so hopefully I’ll have managed to write up a post of sorts before the day is over. 🙂

I’m just over seven weeks post-op now, and feeling great! I personally think that the six week mark was when I stopped improving gradually… and improved in a dramatic way all at once. At about six weeks I was suddenly able to sit up for much longer without getting uncomfy, go pretty much all day without having to lie down (although I still usually have to have a short lie down around dinner time) and generally do things like normal again. I get barely any pain now, apart from an achy shoulder blade, which will hopefully resolve soon. The most I’ve had to do in terms  of pain-relief has been heat up my wheatie-bag and put it under my shoulder. So I still haven’t had any painkillers, even panadol, since about 3.5-ish weeks post-op. Yay!

I had a six-week post-op appointment up at Starship last Friday. That went really well, and everything is looking great! It was all pretty routine…. I had more xrays (oh, the joys of being saturated with radiation on a regular basis!), and then an appointment with my surgeon. We asked a few questions, he looked at my xrays and scar, and that was pretty much it. These post-op appointments are so much less stressful than the pre-op ones!

Probably the most exciting thing, in my opinion, was hearing how large my curve is now. To start with, it turns out that the xrays taken a few days before surgery (which I don’t think I have) showed that my curve had increased from about 88 degrees in October, to 95 degrees in December. So I was well and truly Right-Angle Girl! That was kind of scary, to be honest, and I’m glad I didn’t know that measurement before surgery! Anyway, my post-op curve now measures at…. wait for it…. a mere 25 degrees!! Honestly, I’m so happy. That’s a difference of 70 degreees – pretty amazing! Even with the anterior release that was originally planned I didn’t think it would be such a good correction, and so it was really amazing to learn that it had been corrected so much with just the posterior fusion. Thank you, Mr. Crawford!!

Here are the xrays I had taken last week. You can see from the side view how large the screws are – it’s a little scary to think of them being inside me! You can also see that my spine is still a little rotated, but again it’s a huge correction. I thought that I’d still have some sort of rib hump, but honestly, I can barely see anything. It certainly isn’t noticeable, and that makes me very happy. 🙂

Look at those screws and hooks!

I really want to post a picture of my scar, but that’s going to have to wait for a little while. I mentioned in my last post that the scar seemed to be widening a little at the top – not a huge amount, but enough to not look as nice as the rest of the scar. We asked about that at my appointment, and the nurse showed Mum how to put special tape down the length of the scar, and kind of pull it together. I have to keep that on for three months, changing it once a week. I honestly didn’t think it would make a huge difference. I could see how it would stop the top from widening any more than it already had, but I thought that it wouldn’t make it any thinner. Well, Mum changed the top bit of tape the next day (we’d been told to do this), and she nearly squealed with excitement. She said that, after just one day, it already looked so much better and thinner than before! I can’t wait to see what it looks like after one week of being on. 🙂 We might take some photos when Mum changes the tape on Friday, and if we do I’ll post them here.

Here’s an interesting fact: this time last year, I didn’t know I had scoliosis. I was making many plans for the coming year, and I can definitely say that none of them involved having a spinal fusion! My year turned out a lot different to how I’d planned it. But I’m glad it happened. (Although I’m not saying that I’d want to do it again!) I think this whole experience has made me a lot more relaxed about letting things happen. I’m currently  planning things for this year ahead, but I’m now aware that circumstances can change quickly, and so ultimately I’m trusting that God will help me make the right choices, and also help me not to panic if things don’t happen quite how I meant them to.


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  1. Hi Ruth,
    I’m glad to hear that your recovery is going well and that you haven’t suffered too many side-effects! 🙂 It is amazing when you see the x-rays and realize how many screws are in your back! And it’s great to hear that the operation has altered the curve so drastically. You really are an inspiring witness to Christ in the way you have handled the whole process, and you continue to be in our prayers always!
    From your friend,

  2. Hi Ruth, fantasic news. Thanks for the update. Lovely to hear just how much relief you feel – I’m not surprised!!!! You have obviously matured greatly through this experience (not that I think you were immature before, but just a huge life lesson here!) – well done for being so positive and not bitter about having such a tough year, albeit behind you. Yes, life indeed throws us a few punches, and you had one so early. However, He is always good and so faithful. God bless you as your scar reduces and your activity increases! Oh, and God bless Mr Crawford!!!! 🙂 Hope to see you soon.
    With best wishes, Sheena and family

  3. Just popped by your blog to see if there are any updates. I trust you are healing well and are encouraged in the Lord. Nobody likes to see Christians suffer, especially young ones. None of us would have chosen this for you, but by faith we accept what our soverign and LOVING Lord has allowed in your life. As you continue to heal may His written love letter to you, the Bible, be the source of your strength and joy. May you look back in life as this being a time of blessing and fellowship with the Lord. Still praying in America!

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