I’m Four Weeks Post-Op!


Time certainly seems to have gone fast! I am very glad to be able to say that it is much better to be four weeks post-op than it was to be four weeks pre-op.

It feels like I’ve made huge progress in the last week especially, and I’m feeling much closer to being well than I thought I would be at this relatively early stage of recovery. I stopped taking Panadol during the day sometime last week, and, as of this last Sunday, I’ve stopped having it before I go to bed. I wouldn’t say I am exactly pain-free, but I don’t feel that I need painkillers in order to manage, which is good! Walking helps me feel less stiff and achey, and so we’ve tried to go out for a short walk every day.

I still don’t find sitting very comfortable, especially in hard chairs, although that is slowly improving over time. I have discovered that the pews at church and my back firmly disagree with each other, and so it looks like I may be stuck in one of the armchairs in the foyer for a little while to come!

I made my first ‘real’ outing about a week ago. I was getting a bit crazy being stuck inside at home (it was particularly rainy weather at the time), and so Mum took me out to one of the shopping centres. I think I managed to look briefly in two shops before I had to sit down for a rest, but it was so nice to be out. All in all, I think the whole expedition (including driving to and from) lasted about 40 minutes. And I was pretty zonked by the time we reached home. However, yesterday, just over a week later, I went out again, and this time lasted for over two hours before beginning to feel a bit past it. So my strength is slowly but surely building up, and for that I am truly thankful.

My scar is looking good. Quite a lot of the steri-strips have come off now,which makes me happy, as they were beginning to look a bit grotty around the edges. (Imagine how nasty a band-aid would look if you kept it on for four weeks!) The scar seems to be healing well, in a very thin line, except for a tiny bit at the very top which is a bit wider than the rest. The bit at the top is healed, and it doesn’t seem to be anything to worry about, it will just be more noticeable than the rest of the scar. But that’s okay! I’m going to hold off posting a picture for a week or two, I think, because, although I think my scar looks awesome, I wouldn’t like to frighten anyone with it until it is a bit more healed and has all the steri-strips off.

Flexibility-wise: I’m not feeling too limited in terms of what I can do, funnily enough. By half-kneeling and bending from my hips I can reach and pick up pretty much anything. If I drop something while I’m sitting on a chair, I have to get off it in order to reach what I dropped, but that’s a very small inconvenience, and I’m fine with it. If I’m standing I can’t bend too far as yet, but that is mostly because one of my hips is quite sore. It’s been like it since just after surgery, and is slowly improving, but it is the thing that is limiting me most at the moment. If I bend past a certain point it feels like a nerve is being pulled somewhere in my hip, and so I basically don’t bend unless I have to. As I said, though, that is improving, and I should be able to bend soon without it being a problem.

I really feel like my recovery has been relatively quick and easy so far. I know that a lot of people have far harder and more complicated recoveries from this surgery, and I am very grateful that mine has been how it has. However, I definitely wouldn’t tell anyone to take this surgery and recovery lightly. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy, to be perfectly truthful. The first couple of weeks are absolutely not fun, and for a while during that time I couldn’t imagine not feeling sore and stiff, or ever being able to do anything normally again. But, now those first days and weeks are over, I’m so glad that I’ve had this surgery done. I’m still far from back to normal, but I’m pretty sure that when I am back to normal, that ‘normal’ will be better than before.


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  1. You sound like you are doing really well, thank you for been so truthfull about your recovery, My daughter has this ahead of her this year (she is 11) and we need to learn about how she will be after the operation. Your posts are helping us to be as ready as we can be for when she gets her op.
    Thanks from Alison in Ireland..

    • Thank you! (: I felt I was a lot more prepared for it all after I’d done a lot of research and read about other people’s recoveries, so I’m glad that this blog is helping someone else now! Do you have a surgery date for your daughter yet? To be honest, in many ways the hardest part of this all is the waiting.
      Ruth xx

  2. Hi Ruth
    I am soooo glad you are near normal and geetting better again. (:
    Love you lots. I hope we can see each other soon.
    From your friend Jess.

  3. It has been great to see you out at church these last two weeks Ruth, and you always look so amazingly cheerful and bright. Really glad to know that things are improving really well for you.
    It is wonderful to see and hear how the Lord is answering everyone’s prayers. God Bless.

  4. Hi Ruth,

    I’m Elise, I was in contact with your mum after having my scoliosis surgery coming up 12 years ago now (which makes me feel way too old)! Have loved reading your blog… it makes me wish I had have kept a better record of my journey. So glad things are looking up for you, you will feel back to 100% in no time 🙂


  5. My daughter had her spinal fusion surgery 3 weeks ago, and i have read so many medical pages and blogs to learn as much as I can, but I have to tell you that your detailed account is the one that has helped the most. Thank
    You for sharing! I hope you are doing good!

    • Thank you – I love knowing that this is helpful to some people! I hope your daughter is doing well. 🙂 If you or she want to know about anything that I haven’t talked about on here (I realise there are big gaps of time between posts), I’d be happy to email either of you. 🙂

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