…Two Weeks Later


Two weeks ago  I was lying in my hospital bed, probably asleep, tightly clutching my morphine button. I still miss that button, to be perfectly truthful. It was a wonderful thing.

Anyway! To get back to the point, I’m now just over two weeks post-op. Instead of lying in a hospital bed… I’m lying on the sofa in the living room. Things have changed a lot in the last couple of weeks.

I realise I haven’t really posted since I came home, but that is mostly because there hasn’t been anything too exciting to post about. In terms of recovery, I’m doing very well. My back seems to be healing like it should, and I’m slowly cutting down on pain-meds. I’m still getting tired very quickly, though, which is basically the only thing stopping me from going out and doing everything as I normally would. Even after something really easy and simple, like brushing my teeth, I have to lie down for ten minutes. I’m finding it a bit frustrating, even though I know that it’s fairly normal in this stage of recovery. I’m pretty sure that this exhaustion is mostly a side-effect from the Tramadol which I’m taking, so hopefully once I’m completely off that I’ll start to feel like I’ve got a bit more energy.

I’ve been kept company while I recover, too. Both the cat and the guinea pigs have been very obliging in that regard (although not at the same time, fortunately!).

I went to the GP last Friday to have my dressing changed, and everything looked good. As per instruction, Mum took that dressing off today, and so now I only have steri-strips covering the scar. Apparently we’re just meant to let those come off in their own time, which should take a few weeks. The scar is looking good, and Mum took a photo today which I’ll put up now.

One “side-effect” of scoliosis surgery is a gain in height. This makes sense when you consider that during surgery the spine is not only straightened, but also untwisted. I gained five centimeters (about two inches) in 7 hours, which is really pretty awesome. Mum measured me the day before I went into hospital, and then again when I got home. The funny thing is, when Mum measured me the first time, I’d actually lost some height from the last time she’d measured me (which was in February). That also makes sense,though. Because my spine had curved and twisted so dramatically in the months in between, I quite easily could have shrunk a little. Here’s a picture of those three different measurements.

I’m now the slightly awkward height of 180 cm (nearly 5′ 11″). It’s a bit weird being this tall all of a sudden, but I’m slowly getting used to it. 🙂

That’s pretty much it, I think! I’ll try not to leave such a big gap between this and my next update. (:


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  1. Thank you Ruth I so enjoy receiving your updates along with the photos. You are doing so well and once again I thank you for sharing these weeks with us. Penny xxx

  2. Thanks for your update Ruth. Glad that all is progressing well. Lovely to see your companions.too.
    Trust you all had a lovely Christmas Day.

  3. Very impressive height gain! That tramadol certainly made me feel pretty sleepy too when I had it after surgery…but guess just having surgery is a pretty good excuse for being exhausted though! Hopefully you’ll start to get some more energy soon. (-:

  4. good to hear things are going well plus there’s nothing wrong with extra height in fact i wish i had some extra height lol. you are doing very well in recovering it will take time but you will get there.
    cant wait for the next update hope to hear all about further progress.

  5. As you heal, you will always have to make choices. When you feel strong, instead of doing 5 or 10 things like you used to, you choose 1 or 2. Through this process of being weak, I learned a lot.

    I learned what is really important in life.

    I learned to symphathise with others in their weakness.

    I learned that people are always the best choice to use my strength on.

    You are so beautiful! May the Lord continue to heal you and cause you to grow. 🙂 I know, silly pun, but I couldn’t resist!

  6. Hi Ruth,
    It is great to see the progress, and hear about the recovery!
    It is 9 minutes to the new year here. Hope your 2012 is terrific.

    Say Hi to your parents for me. I will give your Dad a ring in the near future,

    Regards in Christ,


  7. You are so brave. I feel you are also blessed. stay strong, for all of us who still need to endure what you wnet thru.

  8. I just read your blog for the first time and i think its great you are doing so well! I also had Spinal surgery, the same you did after 6 years of complaining of back pains, I had mine a couple of weeks before you did and now the dates coming back around, I just can’t believe it and to be honest I’m kinda terrified… I really hope your recovery ends well! Take care.

  9. Thanks! I’m contemplating a similar surgery at age 72. Sounds strange, but the curve and the pain are increasing and I think surgery may be the only way to preserve a camping and hiking lifestyle. I find your blog very encouraging!

  10. Amen! You are blessed! I know it was a rough road to recovery… My 16yr old daught just had the same back surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago… Her cut looks just like yours but cut a little more furthur up on the top….

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