Home Sweet Home


Sorry for the lateness of this post. I don’t have any particularly good excuses – just that I’ve been quite tired. (:

So I’m home! Just being back home has made me feel heaps better, I think, and it’s been really nice to sleep in my own bed again and have all my books and things handy.

The trip home went pretty well. It took almost two hours exactly from the time we left the hospital gates to when the van pulled up in front of our house. It was the longest I had (and still have) sat up, and I was very relieved when it was all over.

I got discharged at about lunchtime on Tuesday. We decided that the best place for me to sit in the van was the jockey seat in the middle row, which is big and reasonably comfy, and which can lean back. Mum and Abby wedged me in with lots of pillows and a lumbar roll, and we set off.

wearing real clothes again!

It wasn’t exactly comfortable in the van, but it wasn’t painful either, and so I was able to have a little rest. We stopped at Pokeno, and Dad and the girls went off to get an icecream (of course), while I had some Panadol.

yay for powerade and painkillers!

That was the only stop we made, and so the last bit of the trip was the longest. I was getting a little uncomfortable towards the end, and I was very glad when we finally reached home. I managed to make it to my bedroom, and collapsed into bed, where I stayed until dinner. 🙂

I’ve been feeling better every day. I still get tired very quickly, but I’m able to sit up fairly comfortably, and I’ve been trying to get up and walk as much as I can. I’m spending a lot of time lying on the sofa in the living room reading books, and as that’s pretty much my idea of a perfect existence, I’m quite happy! In terms of painkillers, Mum has made up a schedule, and I’ve basically been taking them when they’re due. I’m still on Tramadol (three times a day), Panadol and ibuprofen. The aim is to eventually just get down to Panadol, and so far I’ve skipped a few ibuprofen doses successfully. I don’t want to start cutting down too soon, but if I can get off the ibuprofen as soon as possible, that would be good.

Although I’m glad to be home, I really didn’t hate being in hospital. Everybody up at Starship was really nice, and Mum and I felt very well looked after. It was a very positive experience, and I’m so glad that there is such a wonderful children’s hospital available here in New Zealand.

I’m going to the GP on Friday to have my dressing changed. Hopefully Mum will be able to take a few photos, and I might be able to post some pictures of my scar. (Not gory ones, I promise. It should be looking lovely by now!)


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  1. Hi Ruth, Welcome home!!!!!! Wonderful to hear that you are doing so well. You are amazing after all you have been through. Enjoy your books, just let us know if you need some more
    Love from us all.
    The Vlaanderens

  2. Fantastic news Ruth its good to sleep in your own bed isn’t it, i hope you can kill those painkillers quickly it will make life more pleasant for you

  3. So pleased you are home, don’t expect you will be at church on Sunday but hope you are so that we can give our congrats to you personally. God is good giving us such a wonderful gift of your life. We love reading your blog and your querky comments and photos. Lots of love and best wishes.

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  5. Hi Ruth. I’m Tara the girl you met in the hospital just as you were leaving. Its been really nice to read your blog you look like you are making good progress which makes me feel all the more comforted. My surgery itself went really well but after surgery I got something called an iliius or like that which occurs to about one in every thousand patients. It meant that when my surgery was performed and my stomach and digestive track were slightly moved in the process a part of my digestive track got pinched by some arteries and blocked my whole system from working normally. I was so very sick for about a week and now I am being through a most uncomfortable tube that goes to my stomach. I haven’t eaten in over a week and craving everything under the sun haha. I was here for Christmas which was an experience but all going well I should be out of here about thursday or Friday all going well. My back itself is just perfect my tummy just doesn’t quite agree. I hope that you are recovering well and taking giant leaps forward everyday. I wish you all the very best and keep me posted with how you are getting on. All my love Tara x

    • Hi again Tara! We were thinking of you all last week, and wondering if you had managed to get home for Christmas. I’m really sorry you didn’t, but I’m glad you’re getting looked after well in Starship. The complication doesn’t sound like fun at all. 😦 I hope that everything gets sorted out smoothly and you’re able to get home very soon. Do you know roughly when it should all be cleared up by? I hope the rest of your recovery goes really smoothly after this!! xx

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