Pictures Speak Louder Than Words



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  1. Awesome correction! Do you happen to know what the degrees are now? Hope you continue to feel better every day! It will get better soon, I promise!! Praying for you!

  2. Wow. No wonder you nicknamed yourself “Right Angle Girl.” I’m so happy for you and praying for continued healing and encouragement. Be patient with yourself during healing. For every surgery, even simple ones, your body needs to heal and time is your friend.

    When my son was 18 he broke two bones in his foot. The doctor commended him for not being a drinker or a smoker and said he would heal twice as fast as a person who did. 🙂 Being a Christian is certainly good for your health! You also have the benefit of much prayer, love and support. May this be a time of such spiritual encouragement that you look back with thankfulness. Praying!

    • She seems to have gained some extra organs as well. There’s a tube and a hemisphere on the right that weren’t there before, and a sort of triangly thing on the left. I wonder if one of them’s a squeedly-squooch.

  3. How are you feeling? I know I felt like a piece of wood when I stepped out of surgery 🙂 Good luck in your recovery and congratulations on having a much straighter spine ♥♥♥

  4. Continuing to uphold you in prayer God make this time precious to you
    Romans 8:28 our love to the family,

    Yvonne Langton

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