A Post About Toast (and other things).


I’m feeling so much better today, and Mum said that it was my turn to do a post. 🙂 So, here it is!

I don’t remember a huge amount from the first couple of days, and, due to the morphine pump, I really didn’t have too much pain. I’ve found it very hard to get used to sitting and standing up, though, and for a while I couldn’t sit up without becoming very light-headed and nauseated. But that’s all pretty much passed now, and I’ve gone for a few walks down the hallway and sat in a big chair for a while without feeling too bad.

I was taken off my morphine pump last night. This didn’t make me particularly happy, and I’ve found it a little difficult to adjust to taking my medications before I need them, as opposed to being able to press the button for instant pain-relief whenever I want. It’s all getting sorted, though, and I’m feeling fairly comfortable now. At the moment I’m on regular doses of Panadol, ibuprofen, slow-release Tramadol, as well as a morphine pill if I feel I need one.

my looooong bandage

I’ve had a number of visitors over the last couple of days, which has been really nice. I apologise if you came and I didn’t interact much – some of my memories of the last few days are quite blurred! I’ve also started eating real food again, which has been amazing. There’s a limit to how many clear liquids one can partake of before it all gets a bit much. The first thing I ate was a piece of toast with Marmite… and I’ve never tasted better.

I had some xrays taken yesterday (when I was able to stand up for long enough) and Mum says they look pretty amazing. My surgeon said that he was very pleased with them too, and so I can’t wait to finally see what my spine looks like now! One of the doctors said he’d email the xrays through sometime soon, and so I’ll post a “Before & After” set of photos.

Mum and Lizzie helping me walk down the hallway. Observe my great height...

That’s pretty much it! Dad and the girls have gone back home for the weekend, as I’m probably going to be discharged on either Monday or Tuesday. So Mum and I are up here with crosswords, internet and cups of tea. Everything’s going well!

I’ll leave you with the view from my room’s window at night….


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  1. 😀 So glad everything is going well!! 🙂 Sooooo can’t wait to see you tomorrow! (P.s I finished Reading a book about a pink rabbit last night, so will bring that to return! 4 years later!)

  2. Thank you Ruth for your update. You are so brave and it is so good to hear you are doing so well. Excellent too to see you walking down the hallway with your Mum and Elisabeth. Can’t believe you will be home so soon – amazing!! We will give thanks to God for your recuperation and progress. Love to you and your Mum – Penny xxx

  3. Hey there ‘Not-So-Right-Angle-Girl!!’

    I have been staying in Huntly for a couple of nights and had work again today so I have only just caught up to date with the news. Your surgery result from the photo of you in ‘the loooooong bandage’ is simply fantastic – I always thought you were tall before your operation but you certainly looked higher in stature walking with Lizze and Mum down the hospital corridor!!! I am so grateful to God that you have come through this operation in such style and good health. We have had you in our prayers and thoughts constantly, as well as your family and the medical team caring for you. Keep resting up, do as your told by “them that know all things medical” and we will be continually praying for your recovery. God bless you Ruth, and a big “hi” to your family from the Anderson Crew,

  4. Your info is all so interesting and understandable since we’ve just had our own bout with morphine on demand and all the other exciting post-surgery things. I wish I’d had my act together. I could have sent you some “Jesus Loves Me” bandaids. 🙂 I’m very pleased to hear things are going so well.

  5. Wow you are doing so well,, I am following your blog with my 11 year old daughter who is waiting for her operation.. She has me on every day to see how you are doing…

  6. Hi Ruth well done… I am so glad you are feeling so much better! I like your loooong bandage. You must be taller than me now? God is so good to us! I can’t wan’t to see you this week. I will keep on praying for you! Jess.

  7. Oh Ruth! ….. How wonderfully and beautifully tall and straight you are…..what a gracious and merciful God we know. Much love Aunty Karen

  8. Wonderful to read your blog Ruth and to hear of such good progress. How wonderful you look. Funny to see you looking so much taller than Elizabeth. Our love and all the best for the trip home trust that it too will go really well. God Bless.

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